Japanese Calpis Soda Yogurt Flavored Drink カルピスソーダ

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A new Japanese Calpis Soda Yogurt Flavored Drink カルピスソーダ Youtube Food Unboxing Video
Calpis (カルピス Karupisu?) is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink, manufactured by Calpis Co., Ltd. (カルピス株式会社 Karupisu Kabushiki-gaisha?), headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo.[1] Calpis Co. is a subsidiary of Ajinomoto. The beverage has a light, somewhat milky, and slightly acidic flavor, similar to plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt or Yakult. Its ingredients include water, nonfat dry milk and lactic acid, and is produced by lactic acid fermentation.
The drink is sold as a concentrate which is mixed with water or sometimes milk just before consumption. A pre-diluted version known as Calpis Water (カルピスウォーター Karupisu Wōtā?), or its carbonated variety, known as Calpis Soda (カルピスソーダ Karupisu Sōda?), are also available. It is also used to flavor kakigori (shaved ice) and as a mixer for cocktails and chuhai.
It was first marketed on July 7, 1919. It quickly became popular in pre-war Japan as its concentrated form meant it kept well without refrigeration. The polka dot packaging used to be white dots against a blue background until the colours were inverted in 1953. It was originally themed on the Milky Way, which is in reference to the Japanese festival of Tanabata on July 7, a traditional observation seen as the start of the summer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calpis

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